you look in our world today, you see brokenness. A broken world starts with broken people.

Young men are growing up with a broken mindset of what it is to, “be a man.”

We will establish victim outreach and restoration through safe houses and referrals programs as well as initiate a trained “rapid response” team that can help those who search for their own justice.




Human trafficking and sexual exploitation of humans is not something new. However, we are hearing more and more about it in the past 8 years. We believe the reason for that is because more people are being informed and educated about Human Trafficking and are speaking out. Victims are learning that there is no shame in their captivity and abuse and are willing to receive restoration. 

The LifeGuard Group has as one of it’s main components, a restorative process. One of the most important and key elements in this effort and strategy is a physical SAFE HOME, thus LifeHouse. With more knowledge came activism and with activism came advocacy, but that is where the process has stopped. Legislation and execution of that legislation is hampered only by the lack of those willing to “build the house.”


Human Trafficking is a horrific crime that affects every part of a victims life. Therefore, the restoration must be just as holistic to ensure that the individual finds not only true freedom, but also is empowered and equipped to live a fulfilled and successful life.  

Even though Human Trafficking has been present in our culture and society for hundreds of years, we are just now becoming bold enough to admit that this tragedy is on our hands and we must be aggressive in tackling not only the crime but protecting those who have been affected by it. The LifeGuard Group, in realizing that to be effective in its mission to restore individuals, is fully determined to build and operate a “safe house.” 


It is our belief that once the home is a reality, individuals, businesses, and the faith community will be open to conversations about how they can be involved in financing the mission of LifeHouse. The physical structure will NEVER be the focal point of our mission. The people that enter its doors with their broken and damaged lives will not only be the focus, and also the motivation for our efforts.  

With the skeleton laying in front of us, and now watching skin and muscle take shape on those bones it gives anticipation for LifeHouse to come alive. That will come when the first young lady steps through the doors of the house looks around and says to herself, I’M HOME!

Thank you so much for even considering LifeHouse as a recipient of your generosity! It is people like you that keep hope afloat in our world. Yes this world is broken, but we believe that we must be the glue to help put things back together. We give you our solemn promise and pledge that we will not only be fiscally responsible with the dollars that you entrust to us but we will be transparent and open with you in all of our dealings.

Fundraising has begun and you can play a vital role in this vision.  Connect with us on the link below or send us an email to to set up a meeting time where we can and WILL share our plan and vision with you in person.  


We have already begun conversations with couples and individuals  that have had the heart and the desire to function as the In-House Directors of LifeHouse. LifeGuard is a 501c3 organization whose revenue is donor and grant based. 


We are fortunate and blessed to have access to experts in the field of mental health, advocacy and women’s health. Many of the victims will qualify for these services under The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. Under the TVPA the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was designated as the agency responsible for helping these victims of human trafficking become eligible for benefits and services and funds were allocated for the delivery of such benefits and services.

We have also been in contact with multiple agencies that have expressed not only their interest in this but also their desire to be involved.

These services include certified  Mental health professionals

  • Personal Trainers
  • Physicians Assistants
  • Hospitality Organizations
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Civic Groups
  • Service Groups
  • NGO’s
  • Financial Institutions


Along with the in house couple that will take on the responsibilities of the day to day operations, there will be an individual that will be the operations manager. They will work alongside the “house parents” on long term logistics regarding the operations of the home as well as being a liaison to the community for LifeHouse Advocates, Development, and accessing needed services and funding base. This individual, like all of the LifeGuard Staff will be self funded by their donor base, which may include funding from other granting sources.