Edmund Burke said...

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Immoral, dishonorable and depraved behavior

 is not only present in our world, but it has been allowed to thrived simply because of a lack of response by those who desire to do right. 


For freedom to reign...

and justice to be served, we must respond aggressively to those who desire to do evil and to those who seek a helping hand. 

We can help

Law Enforcement neither has the time nor the man power to conduct missing kid searches. But we do and we can! With the knowledge that every hour 34 more individuals enter a life of sexual exploitation we have are motivated to act.



Statistics tell us that 85% of juveniles that runaway or are on the street are approached by a pimp or trafficker within the first 48 hours. No teenager ever aspires to become homeless, running from the very people who are supposed to care and protect him/her. Although most kids who run away from home return within 48 hours, they are extremely vulnerable and often encounter high risk situations that they are ill-equipped to deal with. It is imperative that teens are located as quickly as possible.  It is normal for teenagers to want to make their own decisions and take control of their lives, but no matter how much they may say otherwise, most want their parents to help them sort out their problems.  Local law enforcement has limited resources to help families find runaways kids. The LifeGuard Group stands ready and willing to help you locate your child and get him/her back safely and as quickly as possible.

The LifeGuard Group has been vetted by local Law Enforcement officials and works in conjunction and cooperation with them to find your child. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO THE FAMILY! We are a non-profit organization that is funded by private donors and organizations to help in cases just like this.

There is absolutely no judgement as to why your child has gone missing or runaway. Our primary concern is their safety. 


IF your teenager has run away, follow these steps:


  • Call 911 to report a missing person.
  • Print out the most current photo that you have of your child. Provide that to Law Enforcement. 
  • Call his/her friends to ask about the last time they saw him/her.
  • Visit local hangouts or possible places he/she may have gone.
  • Look for them at the Bus Stop and Airport
  • Check his/her room and belongings to find any clues of his/her whereabouts.
  • Call area shelters to check to see if he/she has contacted them.


Remain as calm as possible if your teenager calls. Show that you are genuinely concerned and care for them. Urge them to come home, but listen as well. Many teens just want the chance to be heard. Refrain from saying anything negative to your teen, for example, "When you get home, you're going to be grounded." Take this running away as a serious sign that something is wrong and that your son or daughter needs help.


It's a very emotional and sensitive time when a runaway comes home. They will feel apprehensive about walking in the door because he/she does not know what to expect. Understand that this was as traumatic for them as it has been for you. Take this time to show your teenager that you are willing to work through any of the difficulties they are having and that you accept their return with open arms. The following are some other tips:

  • Listen to your teen and seek out any help that they may need since their absence such as medical attention and/or counseling.
  • Call all the people you contacted about his/her disappearance to let them know he/she is home, including Law Enforcement.
  • Make a conscious effort to show how appreciative you are to have them home, that you love them, and want to care for them just as much as they want to be cared for.


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