It is so much more than a cause or a mission.  It's easy for us to place things in those categories because it allows us to  "box it up" and shelve it and wait or even pray for someone else to deal with it. 

 PƏRˈSPEKTIV  is  the right impression of  height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.  Often times, we must change our  PƏRˈSPEKTIV in order to see things for what they are.  

Through the stories and accounts posted here, we hope to do just that.  We want you to see the people.  We want you to know they are real.  We want you to know that they are close...close to you! 

We welcome your feedback, we welcome your comments.  But most of all we welcome your PƏRˈSPEKTIV!!