The Lifeline Project



Encouraging students to step up and be the difference makers in heir friends, and classmates lives, while breaking the norm of, "mind your own business". Our mission is to break down the barriers that keep students from taking action to lift their peers up out of the trenches that life can dig and be the LIFELINE that their peers need! Also we aim to educate and empower teachers and school staff to to create a culture where students will come to teachers/school staff with trust  because our teachers are on the front lines of our schools and need to have a strong foundation on which they can stand guard.

Bigger Than Life


A 300 ft video wall will fill the auditorium, gymnasium or any multi-purpose room with HD quality video. A full sound and light production display will add to the full sensory experience that will keep students engaged and interested for the entire assembly.all the while receiving a purposeful and life-changing message that will empower and equip them to become the LifeLine for those around them.

LifeLine School Assembly


Every 34 seconds another teenager enters the life of exploitation. Our school assembly program will reach into the lives of these students and the students around them. Awareness is a weapon that cannot be ignored. "Silence is not golden, but it is a weapon that is used against us." We MUST equip students, teachers, staff, and faculty to protect the vulnerable among them.

More Than An Assembly

Faculty and Staff Training


For teachers and school staff who are untrained and unfamiliar with the content of human trafficking presented it can leave them at a loss feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The faculty and staff training and interactive workshops aim to answer questions and concerns leaving faculty and staff equipped to help students.

Classroom Resources


The Assembly is only the beginning of the process and will leave many students with questions or a need to talk with someone regarding what they have learned or experienced. 

Community "Comeback Rally"


We provide an opportunity for parents of students and other members of the community to take advantage of the LifeLine experience! 

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