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With the knowledge that every hour 34 more individuals enter a life of sexual exploitation we have are motivated to act.  

The human trafficking numbers continue to grow exponentially every year, with nearly 30 million estimated being exploited world-wide and 2 million within the United States. THE LIFEGUARD GROUP is a group of experts committed to an aggressive, comprehensive approach to taking the fight to human trafficking.


There were 465,676 missing child reports made to law enforcement in 2016. Some were runaways, some were taken and still others seemed to simply vanish. Research studies have shown that 75% of those kids that end up on the street are approached by a pimp and/or a trafficker in the first 48 hours. Law Enforcement neither has the time nor the man power to conduct missing kid searches. But we do and we can! 

Kelsey Cooley , Director of Development

I began with them this year.

Carson Hochhalter, Student Outreach Specialist


"I began working with The LifeGuard Group because I believe in the mission and I believe that the fight can be won. I am passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves or don’t know how. My passion is motivating and educating students to be the LifeLine and stand Guard as the front line in the fight."

Lowell Hochhalter, President/Founder


"Human Trafficking has become so much about the numbers.  In that trend we have forgotten about the people.  The people that have been trapped...the daughters still missing, the moms still victimized.  It is our responsibility to do what we can to Respond!"

Derek Talley, Board Chairman


  “I work a lot inside the tribal nations in America, where human trafficking is a growing epidemic. It has always been my passion to help people who are bound, emotionally or physically, be set free.”

Jennifer Talley , Board Secretary


“I love raising awareness. It’s so impactful to bring this issue to light and see the moment of awe when people realize this isn’t someone else’s problem—this issue is in our own backyard, and we all have our hands in it.”

Tami Hochhalter, Co-Founder


“Lowell and I are a great team. I can see things that he doesn’t, and he sees things I don’t. I’m at all the searches, so when a small detail small slips past one of us the other can spot it.”

Jamie Rindal, Board Member


“There’s this huge problem where we see and issue and insist that it’s not an issue, because then we have to acknowledge it and it hurts. But these are real people being harmed, and I’m passionate about allowing these women and men to find healing. People want to group everyone and everything together, but I want to bring awareness to the individual.”

Cameron Rindal, Board Member


“What brought me to LifeGuard Group is a passion for ending the American epidemic of modern slavery.”

Jeff Greer, Board Member


Deb Greer, Board Member


Kara Hochhalter, Board Member