PRevention and awareness


Knowledge is POWER and Awareness is STRENGTH.  When the two meet they become a weapon to recognize and respond to those who need help.

THE Lifeline project


This hard-hitting, powerful school assembly program equips kids and educators to stand up for their peers and speak out when they notice something isn't right.

MISsing person searches


Grab interest

We work alongside law enforcement agencies to perform searches for missing children.

Survivor support


Walking alongside those who have been exploited and victimized is one of our greatest privileges.  Helping them to find THEIR place in this world and watching them become the person they were meant to be.  We also support survivors through financial support, therapy, education, medical care, dental care and more. 

building winning families


The family has never been more threatened than it is today.  We must equip and protect families with the tools to thrive in this era



Shelter is the #1 most requested service for all crisis cases on National Human Trafficking Hotline. There is a general lack of trafficking-specific shelters. 

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